Pre-vizualisation work done using a mixture of Vectorworks, Blender and Sketchup. Please contact if you would like to inquire about pre-visualisation work, open to any TV, Film, Events or Interior Design.

Scandinavian style landscape with boathouse and jetty. All modeled  and rendered in Blender.

Landscape modeled in Sketchup, rendered in Indigo. Experimenting with grass and tree scattering effects with the Skatter extension as well as HDR lighting. Phone-box model credit: calamity_si

Test render playing with the Clothworks and Skatter extensions for Sketchup, furniture model credits: Studio Ambientes, and Kare design.

Luxury bedroom modeled in Sketchup and rendered with Indigo.

New England style house drawn in Blender, experimenting with rustic textures, grass and mist effects. Truck asset credit: computergeekman

Exterior for the Big Brother House, made using Sketchup and Indigo Renderer.

Atmospheric bathroom scene modeled in Sketchup and rendered with Indigo. Bath model credit: KQD

Flying plane image, experimenting with clouds, HDRI lighting and motion blur in Blender. Plane model purchased off Turboqsuid.

Brooklyn-style warehouse apartment. Made using Blender. Assets used from BlendSwap made by the following users: Wig42, IvanMZiemysRev SouMattBekerColeHarrisCuRvEmAsTeRarchie, and metalix.

A luxury apartment render done using Sketchup and Indigo Render.

Light-bulb exercise done in Blender with a lot of help from the excellent tutorials on Blender Guru.

Bathroom interior render made using Blender.